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The S-200 Initial Attack Incident Commander needs 5 more students

This class will be February 15 and 16.The original dates were wrong. If you are interested in taking  the class please fill out the form below. The registration form still says January 15 and 16, but the actual dates are February 15 and 16.

S-200 Initial Attack Incident Commander



Grant County

January 4 th -5 th & 11 th -12 th 08:00 To 17:00 @ TVFR Station 5

#8 Truck Bypass Rd Silver City NM 88061

Course Description

This course is designed to provide entry-level firefighters skills. Field time is
encouraged, and many of the units are set up so they can be taught in either the
classroom or the field. The field exercise for Unit 12 is required. A version of L-180,
Human Factors on the Fireline, has been included as part of this course. Credit
should be issued for both S-130 and L-180 upon completion of this course.
Course Description This course provides instruction in the primary factors affecting
the start and spread of wildfire and recognition of potentially hazardous situations. S-
190 is typically taught in conjunction with or prior to Basic firefighter Training, S-130.
It is designed to meet the fire behavior training needs of a Firefighter Type 2 (FFT2)
on an incident as outlined in the NIMS: Wildland Fire Qualification System Guide,

Prerequisite. None

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Any questions please call the course coordinator

Russell Thrun NMSF-N3S-FMO @ 575-838-3026